(L)on(e)ly Ones (2018)

15 min

Performed at SOZO vim, Kassel (DE)

Concept: Salla Talvikki Nieminen

Performance: Hannah Breuker, Huong Tran Thi Tam, Stephanie Schmidt

Photos: Karl-Heinz Mierke


(L)on(e)ly Ones is a performance about being a woman and performing being a woman. It shows a painful and heroic attempt to perform the role of the ideal woman while revealing the difficulty of both the task and letting go of it.

The performance lasts 15 minutes. The task of the performers is to embody and maintain a (stereotypical) ideal of feminine beauty for this time. It is impossible; it is more than a body can handle. The postures start to collapse, the ice cream melts, the coffee spills. When the ideal wears off, realness appears.

Performed by three women, one plant, one ice cream and one coffee cup, (L)on(e)ly Ones is a subtle refusal to being perfect.

 © 2020 by Salla Talvikki Nieminen.

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