Don't stop me now I'm having a good time (2017)

30 min

Performed at SOZO vim, Kassel (DE)

Concept and performance: Salla Talvikki Nieminen

Mentoring: Pavlos Kountouriotis

Photos: Karl-Heinz Mierke


Dedicated (adj.)
wholly committed to a cause, ideal, or personal goal

Don’t stop me now I’m having a good time is a performance about dedication. Committing myself to the sisyphean task of holding the so-called horse stance position for the duration of the performance, I invite the audience to witness my dedication to the task.


Forced by the impossible task to confront my physical and mental boundaries, I fall down repeatedly when the pain of holding the position becomes unbearable. Then I get up and try again.

It is about strength and resilience, behind which lies fragility and vulnerability.

"Crazy thing, why am I doing this.
I just do it to do it. Because I am inexplicably crazy about it. Because it’s not easy. And I like such things. I could almost say: I like sacrifices. I like giving my all to something."

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