Free Verse Work / Vapaarytmityö (2019)

8 h

31 kg of paper

a typewriter


books, notes, chocolate, tea, woollen socks, scarf, flowers

Performed at New Performance Turku Festival, Turku (FI)

Concept and performance: Salla Talvikki Nieminen

Mentoring: Marika Räty & Leena Kela

Photos: Jussi Virkkumaa


Free Verse Work is a performance and poetry installation about frustration with the present of work and a desire for a different future. In the performance I spend one full working day at my grandfather’s old typewriter, which he used in his work decades ago, and write poems about work.

Both real and surreal, the poems map the everyday experience of work in the present and imagine alternatives for the future. Free Verse Work is a utopian dream that smells like paper and sounds a lot like a typewriter.

 © 2020 by Salla Talvikki Nieminen.

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