I tread softly because I tread on my dreams (2020)

4 h

15 kg of flour

Performed at Venice International Performance Art Week,

Co-Creation Live Factory “Dissenting Bodies – Marking Time”,

European Cultural Centre – Palazzo Mora, Venice (IT)

Concept and performance: Salla Talvikki Nieminen

​Mentoring: Marilyn Arsem

Photos: Mauro Sambo, Jacques Martens & Fenia Kotsopoulou


1. I stand barefoot next to 15 packages of flour. I pour them on my feet and start treading on the flour, spreading it into a circle with my feet. This takes a long time.

2. I swiftly erase the circle with my feet. I scoop the flour back into the packages with my hands and make sure there is not a speck of flour left on the floor. I place the packages of flour just as they were in the beginning and stand next to them.

 © 2020 by Salla Talvikki Nieminen.

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